Decorate your RV

Yes, you can be festive while camping or living in your RV!




Enjoy your favorite traditions such as putting up a tree or decorating for the holidays. Make your trailerfifth wheel or motorhome festive and have fun with it.

Decorate With A Tree

For most of us who celebrate the holidays a Christmas tree is a big part of the festivities. You could use an artificial tree and find one to fit an area of RV or use a table top tree.

However, you are outdoors and what better way to take advantage of the season and bring a tree to your campsite. You might even be fortunate enough to have a tree in or near your campsite you can decorate. RV parks and campsites are full of beautiful pine trees.

Travel For The Holidays

The great thing about having your own RV or a RV Rental is you can go anywhere for the holidays. Pick somewhere new or travel to an area you that you prefer the weather.


Other Decorating Ideas

  • Add exterior lights to your RV.
  • Hang a wreath on the door or the front of your RV.
  • Hang stockings wherever they fit.
  • Decorate the campsite.
  • Make yummy holiday treats and share with your neighbors.


Make new holiday traditions in your RV!

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