Memorial Day RV Tips

Memorial Day Weekend – RV Tips


Memorial Day is the kickoff to RVing and camping’s busiest season! This usually means a road trip to your favorite RV destination. Below are a few tips to help you with your RV planning trip and keep you safe.


Memorial Day


Pick Your Destination and Reserve Your Spot

Reserve early if possible. Sometimes campsites fill up quick especially on Memorial Day weekend. With so many campers heading out for the weekend it would be a shame to get to your campsite and no space is available.


Allow Time to Travel

Allow extra time for travel. With so many other travelers on the road it may take a little longer to reach your destination. It is important that you and your family arrive safely.


RV Safety Checklist

Before any trip in your RV do a quick safety check.

__ Fluids
__ Windshield
__ Lights
__ Tire Pressure
__ Battery Condition
__ Fire Extinguishers and Detectors
__ Refrigerator / Freezer
__ Power Cord
__ Fresh Water Hose & Dump Hose


Plan Your Menu

Memorial Day and BBQ and cookouts definitely go together. Plan your menu, shop, prep what you can and pack your food. Don’t forget the s’mores, especially if your RVing with the kiddos. If your RV does not have an outside kitchen check ahead to see if your RV campsite has a BBQ grill or pit. Don’t forget to bring coals and lighter fluid or your own propane BBQ.




Unconnect and Reconnect

With today’s hectic family schedules and busy lifestyles, Memorial Day is a great time to take the RV out and enjoy the family. Between work, shuffling the kids to and from dance, soccer, baseball, football and other activities, it seems like everyone is going in many different directions. An RV get away may just be the perfect trip. It’s time to unconnect from the crazy schedules, reconnect with your family and enjoy the great outdoors with some family quality time.




RV Rentals

If you don’t have an RV but want to enjoy the RV lifestyle, no worries. We do have RV Rentals available in our Sacramento location. We offer a wide selection of RV rental units ranging from 25ft up to 32ft. Contact us for rates and availability. (916) 920-8255


Enjoy the Journey

Most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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