Reason to Rent an RV

RV rentals are a fun and exciting way to take a family vacation or go on a weekend get-away! Happy Daze RV’s, Sacramento is the leader in California for motorhome rental RVs and travel trailer rentals. We offer a wide selection of RV rental units ranging from 25 ft. up to 32 ft.

Click here for rental units. All of our rentals are current model year motorhomes and travel trailers that we purchase directly from the manufacturers so you can enjoy your RV rental vacation with peace of mind! For those considering a purchase, a motorhome rental is a great way to “try before you buy.”

Try before your buy

Reason to Rent an RV

For those considering a purchase, a motorhome rental is a great way to “try before you buy.” Renting a motorhome; Driving with a family can be much more fun than cramped in a car. With the kids at the kitchen table they can play cards, color, games, scavenger hunt for things passing, eat lunch, etc. Time will pass much smoother than in a car.

More Storage.

A vacation with a family can be a lot of cloths, toys, and accessories. In an RV you have lots of room for all you need.

Modern Accommodations.

Let’s be honest… as we get older (or as I get older) camping and sleeping on the floor just isn’t the same. In fact, I don’t enjoy it at all. I like to sleep on a mattress, have food in the fridge, heat up a quick bite to eat in the microwave, fresh coffee in the morning and a fresh shower without trailing through others campsite to get one. Nothing beats the luxury of the modern RV accommodations while being outdoors next to the lake, beach, mountains, etc.

Nature and the Outdoors.

It’s great to take your family outdoors, national parks, mountains, lake view spots, instead of the rushed amusement park trips. If you have not tried watching the sun come up in nature… try it! Step outside and watch the sun come up or enjoy your morning coffee watching the river flow. Spend time with your family at the beach, hiking, fishing, boating, riding bikes or exploring trails. Great bonding time with your family, and finish the day off with a campfire. The great outdoors, there are so many things to do. Sometimes it is nice to put away the technology and get back to nature: Exploring the great outdoors.

RV to a Historical Hot-Spot.

Great way to visit a monumental spot. Not only will it be an enjoyable trip for your family you will learn some history along the way.

RV to a Coastal Spot.

Visualize this… Beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, waves crashing, beautiful shorelines!

Romantic Get Away

Hit the road for a quick weekend or week long get away and get back to the great outdoors. Get up early and take in the sunrise… Or sleep in and do nothing at all! Head for the ocean, mountains, sight-seeing, lake, the possibility are yours to explore.

Memories Are Priceless!

We don’t remember days, we remember moments.

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