3 Reasons Not to Wait to Buy an RV!

The only day better than today to buy an RV is yesterday. 




The top three excuses we hear over and over again as to why wait a few years to buy an RV.

A lot of first-time buyers are buying RVs. I’m going to wait until all those people sell in a year or two and flood the market with used RVs.

Most people that buy RVs like them, but let us assume for some reason that changes.  Every dealership in America is hurting for used inventory.  Some dealers sell used RVs only and they are starved for RVs.  The market can absorb thousands upon thousands of used RVs right now with no impact to prices at all.  Of all the things that would cause a “buyers” market this is the least likely.


When the pandemic is over prices will come down.

We have heard this since May of 2020.  Since then, prices have gone up nearly 40%.  This is at the factory level not just dealers charging more.  Manufactures estimate if everyone stopped buying RVs tomorrow the supply chains would still be backed up for 18 more months. We can’t tell you what will happen 5 years from but for at least the next 3 years prices will steadily rise.  The only day better than today to buy an RV is yesterday.


There is going to be an economic downturn soon.

Governments around the world have shown that they aren’t going to allow another 2008.  They stimulated and printed their way out of an economic lock down that should have been worse than the housing crisis.  This predictably staves off a debt default deflationary crisis and instead caused supply chain shortages and inflation.  It is much more plausible that this will continue to result in less and less RVs available at higher and higher prices. 





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