RV Camping

Camping Now? Why not?


A vacation at home always sounds great, until you are forced to do so.


The COVID-19 epidemic has changed our daily routines, and this change has happened almost overnight. Most of California is on a shelter-in order, if not a shelter-in recommendation.


So, what do you do? Kids are home and bored and you’re ready to pull your hair out…so why not go camping? As many State Parks and Campgrounds are closed right now due to the pandemic, many are still open as well. You can go hiking, fishing, do a scavenger hunt, teach the kids how to skip rocks, cook over an open campfire, or even make a flower headband, all while keeping your social distance from other families. It doesn’t matter if you have a trailer or motorhome, the important thing is to get out and enjoy the time with your family. The amounts of outdoors activities are endless, all you have to do is go out and find them!



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