We Love The RV Lifestyle

We don’t just sell RVs. We live the RV Lifestyle too!


Many of the Happy Daze RV’s employees have trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes of their own or take advantage of the Rentals. We don’t just sell RV dreams… we live and love it too. RV Camping is a favorite for many of us.


Dora Alberro is one of our top sales performers in our Sacramento location. As much as she loves getting to know people and helping them achieve their RV dreams, she is also living the dream as a full time RVer!




Dora has been with Happy Daze RV for a little over 2 years and has many years experience selling RVs and full time living. She has a wealth of knowledge and tips ready to share. If you are considering full-timing and have questions come see Dora, she will be happy to help.




She absolutely loves her DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel. According to Dora, the full-time RVing is the perfect lifestyle for her. She lives on the river, doesn’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, painting the walls, and can pack up an go to a new vacation spot at any time. She also enjoys being on the boat, sitting next to the river, grilling/BBQing and everything that comes with the outdoor lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to live on the river?!




At Happy Daze RVs we are not just selling the RV lifestyle, we are living the dream too!









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