Class B Motorhomes

It’s simple, the main benefit of a class B RV is that it is small and easier to drive & park. Because of their smaller size, they are less inexpensive and have better fuel economy compared to the class A motorhomes and class C motorhomes.  Many outdoor enthusiasts or full-time RVers that love simplicity, but also want style and comfort on the road choose the class B motorhome.




We offer some amazing and low prices on diesel and gas class B motorhomes for sale in California, specifically in the northern Sacramento area. Also known as camper vans, the class B motorhome style provides you with a ton of outstanding amenities in a compact format. This makes it easy to drive, but still makes any vacation you have on the books filled with luxury. They are built on van chassis, so you don’t have to worry about being bulky on the road – you can drive with the maneuverability of any van! We have plenty of amazing class B options for you to choose from!


Gas Class B Motorhomes

Diesel Class B Motorhomes

Diesel+ Class B Motorhome



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