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Happy Daze RV's Extended Service Contracts

EasyCare® is There!

Since 1984, 4 million car owners have trusted EasyCare® extended warranties to be there when they need it most. EasyCare® has paid out nearly $2 billion in claims, fixing everything from transmissions, to engines, to wheel bearings, and everything in between.

EasyCare® is the only Motor Trend® recommended best buy extended auto warranty. And it is loved equally by both repair shops and customers, who know that EasyCare® is easy care. In fact, EasyCare® will be there when others won't.

Contact our finance department at (888) 243-7929 for more information.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Roadside Assistance

  • Towing


  • Trip Interruption

    Trip Interruption

  • Rental Car

    Rental Car

  • Wheel & Tire Protection

    Wheel & Tire Protection

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

EasyCare® Repair Plans

TotalCare® - The ultimate worry-free repair warranty for you car, truck or SUV

  • Total Care

    TotalCare® is EasyCare®'s signature coverage, our most popular plan with the broadest service protection, offering extended service coverage for your car, truck or SUV.

  • Primary Care

    PrimaryCare™ covers your engine and basic drive line components, as well as brakes, heater, air conditioner, cooling system and fuel system.

  • Stated Care

    StatedCare™ is premium comprehensive coverage that provides protection against the cost of repairing many of the sophisticated components on today's high-tech vehicles.

  • Stated Care

    PowerCare™ is EasyCare®'s most basic plan that covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, seals and gaskets - core components you must keep running but you can't afford to have fail.