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Rental Additional Charges

What are some of the additional items I can include in my rental?

Pet-friendly rentals have an additional fee of $10.00 per day.

No Hassle Return - we will clean the rental and empty the holding tanks for $199.00, leaving you free to enjoy your vacation.

Dump Fee - if you are able to clean the unit but not empty the holding tanks, a $50.00 fee will be charged.

What are the late fees if I can't return by 11:00 AM?

All rentals are due back at the rental location by 11:00 am on the scheduled return date. A $50.00 fee will be charged for each hour the rental is late past 11:00am. Other renters may have a reservation for the same afternoon you are due to return, so please be courteous and return on time. If you know that you cannot return on time, we suggest you add an additional night to your rental, which will also give you extra time to unpack and clean the unit before returning it.

What are the charges if I use the generator?

On motorhomes the generator use has a fee of $3.00 per hour. There is a meter that will record the hours of use that we will get a reading from before and after your return to calculate the usage. Travel trailers do not come with a generator. If your rent one from another company or bring your own, be sure to bring the necessary fuel.

Will there be any charges for using all of the propane, and do I have to refill it?

Absoluetly not! Propane is included with your rental, so please do not refill the tank before returning.

What are the charges for additional miles?

Motorhome rentals include 100 miles free for each night of your reservation. Any additional mileage beyond the free amount has a fee of $0.37 per mile plus sales tax. There are no mileage charges for travel trailers.

Can I pre-purchase miles?

We do not allow mileage to be pre-paid. A reading will be taken from the odometer before you depart, and then again when you return. Upon your return we will calculate the exact mileage that you travelled, and deduct your free miles from that total before calculating fees.

What are the fees if the motorhome is returned without a full gas tank?

If the gas tank is not refilled before return, a fee of $8.00 per gallon will be charged if we have to fill or top off the gas tank.

We are planning to travel to Canada. Are there any extra charges?

There is no extra charge for leaving the U.S. to cross in to Canada. Please notify the rental agent if you plan to travel to Canada because we will need to provide you with paperwork that allows the unit to leave from and return to the U.S. Please make sure that all drivers and passengers carry a current passport that will allow them to easily travel across the border.

Is there a charge for an additional driver?

We do not charge for additional drivers; however, all planned drivers must be at least 25 years old and be listed on the rental agreement, and provide a driver's license and insurance card before departure.

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